First impression is important

Your home at Park Aluna Houses begins to present its quality just as you or your guests get in. The enterance part reveals its exclusive illumination and superior architectural details. This is the part where you can see elevated doors and ceiling, onix-marble-illimunation and smart house system and its enhanced smart features. You are able to control this system via the control panel at the entrance of the house or via your smart devices like phones, tablets or computers. You can set the house temperature, decide which lights or curtains opened or closed for your arrival. Wherever you are, you can see visitors to your home at Park Aluna with the smart house system and decide what to do; let them in, get in touch, reject or ignore. The system which has enhanced special features for Park Aluna project is designed both for security and practicality reasons. It detects motion, opening of the door, fire and water flood, it also provides convenient and enjoyable house management.